Robin is the desire to live in a better world.
Humanity is constantly going through new eras, new discoveries, new inventions, new consciousnesses: it is a never ending trip.
This travel starts from your support and ends where young individuals receive what they need to be part of the future.

Our mission
Robin Travels supports schools and NGOs that are dedicated to children from disadvantaged social and economic contexts and struggling to ensure their education.

Use our affiliate links to to book your stay at no extra cost.
In this way 20% of commission will be donated to the schools.


Select schools in developing countries
We visit the schools in India, Thailand and Nepal

Develop Internet solutions for social development
We provide services for marketing and web building

Support education through financing
All our income goes to the schools

By enjoying our services you will become part of a socially responsible initiative.

ROBIN TRAVELS, responsible traveling

Robin Travels offers the opportunity to help schools for poor children by booking your trip without any extra fee, thanks to the collaborations with and Easytobook.
Book and support schools for poor children at no extra cost!